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Why choose Kitesurfway?


  • We do what we love! Kitesurf is your passion!

  • We work for the fun, evolution and success of the student.

  • Teaching since 2001, we have more than 5500 hours teaching.

  • We are 100 % specialized and dedicated to teaching kitesurfing.

  • All equipment is provided by the school.

  • Max two students per kite and 2 kites per instrutor.

  • 100% mobile Kitesurf School meaning that we teach in the best kite spot around Lisbon according to the best wind conditions found.

  • Easy learning with the most safe and secure equipment.

  • We make photos and videos of the day for the student to see the daily progress.

  • We have Insurance included: Third party and self risk. Nº de apólice do seguro de Operador Maritimo Turistico: 85/21393 

  • Duarte Coelho has a large experience in water and wind sports. See the resume (curriculum) here. 

  • We are one of the few recognize and certified Kite schools in the country.

  • Legal: Nº Cédula de treinador no IDP: 35234 and Nº de registo no Turismo de Portugal:393/2010


Have a nice trip!

Good winds and have fun!

Kitesurfway - Duarte Coelho

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Email: kitesurfway@gmail.com

Tlm: (+351) 916 131 947

Nº Cédula de treinador IDP: 35234
Nº RNAAT: 393/2010
Nº de apolice OMT: 85/21393

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