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Ikarus S           5              1015

Ikarus S           6.5           1070

Ikarus S           7.5           1120

Ikarus S        9           1190

Ikarus S           11            1265

Ikarus S           14            1315


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Ikarus is the new kite, branded by ADVANCE.


After two years of studies and several generations of prototypes, finally the IKARUS takes off.


The work was focused in making a light kite, new materials and sewing patterns were tested, using different thicknesses and tensions on the sewing line.


Throughout a two year span, several light version prototypes of the IKARUS were flown and tested by Francesco Ponti our tester in his school, located in Kenya, where harsh wind and sun conditions are perfect for a test of resistance and material longevity.


As a result of this work we found ourselves in a position to build a super light and super strong kite, so far unseen in our days


The first characteristic is the one of flying well in very low wind and far from rear or front stalling.

Flying in medium wind strength within the recommended wind range, are conditions, where the benefit of the kite´s light weight, will show, in particular in retaking flight after a kite loop, or the neutral “fluttering” attitude while wave surfing.


The light kite has less inertia, so even in the straight and simple change of direction; the kite will react immediately, and if in rotation this movement can be easily interrupted once such a command is given.


The characteristics of this new very light kite can be better understood, by comparing the turning of a big heavy boat to the fast speedy turn of a rigid hull inflatable boat, and same behavior applies to aerodynamics.


Making the IKARUS lighter was obtained by the exclusion of strong and heavy dracon panels.

This resulted in an overall “softening” of the kite in particular along its horizontal /cross axis, improving its torsion capacity.


Improving the kite’s torsion (an hallmark of the ADVANCE profile, since the first Kaiman) has enabled the reduction to almost zero the length of the Delta Lambda profile in the trailing edge as seen on the Kaiman.


The IKARUS Shape is less “different” from the others, but consistently keeps our design philosophy and implements further the performance in turn capacity.


IKARUS has a new bridle system, result of our exclusive and long tested software created by eng. Carlo Tarozzi.

IKARUS is a short bridle kite, making its line setup under sustained strong wind, very easy.


It is a same length five line kite.


Eleven attachment points along the leading edge support the IKARUS´s short bridle.


In areas of more load on the leading edge, the bridle attachment is done by a three point anchorage, this not only allows a more even distribution of the load force along the leading edge, but also a super strong and stable profile.

This allows the IKARUS to be used in “over” conditions, or kite looping, with no canopy deformation, besides the overload.

IKARUS, presents itself with elegant and simple graphics, where the creativity and building capacities of the house ADVANCE are prominent, with the clever use of the panels for color décor and correctly spreading the load forces along the profile.


IKARUS is a kite with a very wide wind range, able to perform in low wind due to its lightweight, and fly in violent, strong and gusty winds due to its reinforced leading edge and eleven points supported short line bridle.


The IKARUS, turns fast and in an intuitive way and is inertia free, due to the torsion of the cross axle.

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